Friday, July 15, 2011

Farmer's Friday

Does cutting count as progress?

'Cause if it does...I'm golden.

Remember that broken machine?
Here..I'll give you a pic again..
With the reverse lever broken like that my machine will not sew a stitch. It does not move. It's mad. And it's been at the repair shop almost a week.

I checked on it this morning. Hoping that I could get it back and still do some blocks this afternoon. I have a Pfaff. It was the only brand of sewing machine that anyone thought existed in Minnesota. I went to college in Minnesota and bought this machine my second year. I love him. I think I'm the only one that loves him...the shop has no Pfaff parts. So I've got to wait for a new lever because some chunk of mine broke off in the back. Grrrrr.

So...yeah...Farmer's Wife blocks....
I prepped for three!

Prepare yourself for a horrid cellphone pic (because it's 9pm and I just got back from the grocery store...and Oz stole the camera cable again. So tomorrow I have to find it). 
That's a lot of triangles.

I do have a loner machine but it's kind of a jerk. It's much more accustomed to sewing garments...that are made out of leather and canvas. It tries to eat small cotton triangles like some crazy monster.

It also tried to stab me. No joke. 

I'm rather frustrated that I didn't sew any Farmer's Wife blocks this week. I love this project. 

More catch-up for me to do next week, yeah? 


  1. I feel for you. My machine broke a couple of months ago and a friend lent me her machine. It skipped stitches. Not so completely horrible if all you're doing is piecing, but I was trying to quilt my sister's quilt. Good luck getting it fixed!

  2. Poor you! I've had sewing machine issues too - it's so frustrating! With the Farmer's Wife, I'd say cutting definitely counts as progress. I seem to spend much more time looking for templates and cutting etc than sewing. Hope your machine is fixed soon :)


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