Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Maintenance! And a Question..

Just a heads up!

The new site is being worked on so there's going to be some maintenance going on around here.

Hopefully I don't just delete everything or something crazy but I'm working on moving the posts over so that I don't have to lose content.

So if things look a little funny around here...I probably pressed a button that I shouldn't have.

I'm so very very very excited for the new things happening and the new site where everything can be under one matching name.

I hope you'll follow me over there. Since Google Reader is going away I'll be setting up a different reader service on the new site. When the site is public, I'll be sure to include a post with different following options.

If you have a moment could you please let me know your current preferred reader? I don't want to force anyone to use one specific reader so I'd like to provide at least two options.

I know things have been quiet here! Thank you so much for putting up with me during the site move ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five - Out of the Studio Edition

I've spent the past few days out of my studio and instead working in the dining room.

It's been warming up here and my dining room has a great set of sunny french doors.
There's not a lot of sun in my studio, which is great for my fabric but sometimes I just want to work in full sunshine.

Now I'm glad I kept my old iron and my ugly table ironing board. It's perfect for setting up shop somewhere else:

Today's agenda: Hexie kits in every color. And maybe some specialty ones (Tula and Heather Ross)

Yesterday was spent cutting. And cutting and cutting. Cutting papers. Cutting fabric. And cutting ribbon to wrap it all up.

The warm weather inspired me to spend some time restocking hexie kits in the shop.

I think I'm done cutting for today.

Trying sometime different this time around. First cutting kits by color and soon cutting some kits by line.

I've also been gathering up stray projects that need to make their way into the studio to be finished.

Some hexie flowers for Hush Bella:

I think this is about half the flowers for the quilt. Maybe...

And some Tiny Tumblers that I had cut down at Fabricate for the Tiny Quilt Club: 

I love you Tiny Tumblers.

I'm not exactly sure what my studio desk looks like right now. 

Maybe I'll be completely crazy and not check on it until Monday. 


Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five

FF - 4/5

This week all five projects happened to be shoved into one corner. 

I've been working on something big that I needed the desk space for and this is what the other side looks like right now.

It's composed of:
1. More scrappy trip blocks
2. X plus pieces, cut but not sewn
3. Rows for Scrap Vomit in the purple/red box
4. The blue box is overflowing with HST for smorgasquilt. I want it to be a monster so I just keep making them between projects.
5. And a muslin for a bust adjustment. 

What a wreck. 
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

WW - Scrappy Trip

An experiment that I'm not quite sure I like. 
Going to let it sit for the month before seeing if I want to quilt it. 
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Finish - Farmer's Wife

Farmer's Wife Top

The five things on my desk don't matter much this week.

They're awesome but not nearly as awesome as a finished Farmer's Wife top. 

My baby is done and I don't think I could possibly be happier. 

All the weeks. All the tiny triangles. All absolutely worth it. 

I knew the traditional layout wasn't right for me and after some wonderful advice from a friend I staggered some strips of Michael Miller's Clown Stripe in between each block.

I love the movement the stripes give this quilt. And the breaks from all that color.

I needed an extra block for my farmer's wife layout so I put together a wonky little star
This layout meant that I needed an even number of blocks so I put together this quick little star and added it in. 
Which worked out perfectly because those pumpkins were a purchase from my birthday trip to Nashville and I'm really excited that they got to work their way into my quilt.

112 blocks. Set into 14 rows of 8. 
Long enough that I can completely hide under it. Or run around the house with a fabulous cape. 

I've gotta part with my baby for a little while. She's off to the longarmer to get a bit of pumpkin treatment. 
Binding is proving tricky for me at the moment. I can't decide what I want. So I think that the time away will give me a chance to really think about it. Then I can look at it with fresh eyes when it gets back home. 

...I haven't even gone to the post office and I miss it already.